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10 Signs You Are Dating Your Soul Mate Or Once Dated Your SoulMate (ex)

Fleeting relationships come and go, but there’s nothing quite like being intertwined with that special someone who leaves an everlasting imprint on your soul. Everyone wants to find a soul mate, and many people chase after it endlessly. But how can you tell which relationships will truly make a soulful impact in your life? And is there only ONE potential …

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10 Things Women Do When They Are Cheating

There are several things which prompts women to cheating in relationships, and am not trying to justify cheating, but here is the simplest guide to knowing the tracks and cracks which shows you’ve got some important decision to make. It’s no longer breaking news that both genders, Male and Female cheats, but this article focus more importantly on how you …

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How To Have A Quickie – Funny but so on Point

There’s a lot to be said for the humble quick¡e. The spontaneity. The excitement. The fact that when it’s over very quickly you have a legitimate excuse – it was meant to be! And women love them too. Believe it or not, we aren’t always in the mood for staring into your eyes or ticking off a procession of positions like it’s …

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13 things, Clueless dudes don’t know women hate in bed

13. When You’re Rude Afterwards “I once had a guy, post-coitus, ask me to sleep on the couch. Duuuude.” – Kay, 23 “WHEN THEY DON’T CARE IF YOU FINISH. Like, they come and then just roll over, like, ‘I’m done, that was fun.’ Umm … what? No, you’re not. Eat me out or something. Jeez.” – Chelsea, 27 12. When …

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Trying To Conceive a Male Child? Check Out These 9 Tips That Work Like Magic!

Follow the Chinese Lunar Birth Calendar Although most doctors and fertility experts claim that we can’t influence whether we have a girl or boy, there’s certainly a lot of compelling anecdotal evidence out there to the contrary. Some parents are absolutely convinced that they conceived a baby boy by following certain techniques, changing their diet, using various “positions” in the …

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14 of the Best Foods for Fat Burning – Especially 4 and 7

What and what are the very best food when it comes to burning of fats on your body naturally? In this article today, i will be addressing this issue once and for all. Just like the ONLY singular thing you need to naturally cure pimples and look fresher and younger as you grow old is Coconut oil. 1. Avocado Avocados …

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