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Biggest Dogs in the World – Species You’ve Never Seen

Which pet is the most loved and loyal to Man? Humans and dogs shared some of the strongest bonds ever, which is why almost all Homes have dogs. It’s said that a dog is loyal to its owner until the end and will do everything to keep their master happy. As you may have know, dogs are loved and adored …

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New Megalodon Shark Sighting Caught on Tape?

Here is some very interesting footage of what people are claiming could be the Megalodon Shark. Why is this footage different than other Megalodon Shark caught on tape videos? Well first of all when you look at this shark, it is clearly very large but also we see just how large the tail is on this animal. Of all the …

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MEGALODON Shark Emerges Again! See Pictures and Video

Here we go again, the Megalodon shark caught on tape, and this time we have a direct comparison in the photo. In this recent alleged megalodon shark photo, we see what appears to be a shark of about 45-55 feet long dangerously close to a woman swimming.  Swimming in the ocean can be risky in some situation, and this certainly …

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Huge Python Goes Viral After Eating Sheep At A Farm In Australia

Snakes can be fu¢king frightening. I mean, jump on Wikipedia and read the first line on the page titled ‘Snake’ and it just sounds bloody awful. Snakes are elongated, legless carnivorous reptiles that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears. That’s rank. They can swallow prey much bigger than themselves simply because they …

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Giant Snake On A Fence – Hanging Dead Snake Photo, Real Or Fake?

Some images of what appears to be a very large dead snake hanging on a electric fence have been making their way around the net lately. Given the profusion of utter crap, lies, and just plain nonsense, on the internet it can sometimes be hard to tell exactly what’s real and what’s not. And this is one of those times. …

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World Biggest Snake Killed In Egypt Red Sea(See Photos)

An extraordinarily Giant Snake has been killed by a professional team of elite Egyptian scientists and qualified divers in Egypt. It was said to have been found in the Red Sea that killed 320 tourists and 125 Egyptian divers. Names of scientists who participated in the process of catching the huge snake were: D. Karim Mohammed, D. Mohammed Sharif, D. …

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