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MEGALODON Shark Emerges Again! See Pictures and Video

Here we go again, the Megalodon shark caught on tape, and this time we have a direct comparison in the photo.

In this recent alleged megalodon shark photo, we see what appears to be a shark of about 45-55 feet long dangerously close to a woman swimming.  Swimming in the ocean can be risky in some situation, and this certainly seems like one of those.

Even if this is a just a giant filter feeding shark, such as the whale shark or the basking shark, it still seems like a bad idea to be this close.  Couldn’t this thing eat you by mistake and not even know it?

Megalodon Sharks pics

It’s like playing with an elephant when you jump in the water with what could be a giant predatory shark from prehistory. So why has this woman jumped in the ocean with the Megalodon shark.

Most likely because it is not the megalodon shark, but one of these filter feeders.

Regardless of the likeliness of this shark not being the Megalodon Shark, we still need to consider the possibility because one cannot confirm nor deny this claim just by viewing a small portion of this shark.

We do not know what the Megalodon shark looked like. We have very little fossil data to go by to determine this shark species size, shape, weight, feeding patterns, or even the color of this beast.

Often science does not have a lot to go on, and we must consider theories that are presented to us. It is however important to remember that we must keep our minds open to possibilities such as the Megalodon Shaek being alive in the oceans today.